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EC Textbook Series

EnglishCentral has a 5 level textbook series available for Academic Premium schools and teachers. Use the book like any other textbook – either as a printed book, a pdf or an epub book. Teach with it in class and then assign students to do the video lessons for each unit on a special EnglishCentral course. A perfect blended approach!

Download a sample PDF unit of each book. Each includes the Table of Contents and full scope and sequence for the book. Interested in using the book – please contact us: teachers@engliscentral.com

Each book takes thirty-six of EnglishCentral’s engaging and authentic English videos and brings them into the modern language classroom using an approach that is communicative and effective. For each of the course book’s twelve units, there are three high-interest videos providing practical language input. Pre-watching, watching, and post-watching activities help learners comprehend and use the videos’ English and concepts. Humanistic task-based learning develops learners’ four skills. Vocabulary games, cultural notes, practical-usage tips, and reading activities complete each unit making the EnglishCentral series an exciting choice for ESL conversation or integrated-skills classrooms at the middle years to post-secondary levels.

Preview the online courses:

EnglishCentral Starter | EnglishCentral Practical 1 | EnglishCentral Practical 2 | EnglishCentral Pro 1 | EnglishCentral Pro 2


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